Daily Archives: July 31, 2012


Perhaps that is too weighty a word to thrust upon this pillow.  But I purchased said pillow on an uncharacteristic whim over a year ago, and then it got stuffed in a closet because it didn’t really match anything.  And I knew that when I bought it – but I still felt like I needed to have it.
And then we stumbled onto a very fortunate deal on these two chairs – but still, the pillow and the chair – they did not meet.
Now, months, years later – they’ve been united.
It’s almost creepy isn’t it?
(Note:  On another coincidental note – the green chair in the back will find a new home, and make way for a set of aqua chairs – just about the color of that pillow.  Fate?  Luck?  Good timing?  Or just a pillow?  I’m not sure.)