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labrot and graham

Since Christmas fell on a Tuesday this year, we had a nice long weekend before the holiday to hang out with my family.  Ten years ago (when there were just six of us – my parents, sis and brother-in-law, and M and me) we toured the newly renovated Labrot and Graham Distillery, home of Woodford Reserve Bourbon.  I was barely pregnant at the time – although no one knew yet.  We had planned to tell the family on Christmas morning, and my parents had scheduled a tour and holiday brunch for the 23rd of December.  I remember declining samples while we were there, and then eating that brunch like there was no tomorrow.  It was so, so delicious.  

Turned out, there was no tomorrow.  At least on the food eating end.

By Christmas Eve I could no longer eat without throwing up, and that fun would continue well past Easter and sporadically through the early summer.  My next great meal was in celebration of my sister’s birthday at I Fratellini – in late April.  Funny how I bookmark that extreme pregnancy sickness with two really great meals that went in and, more importantly, stayed in.

Anyway, now it’s ten years later and we’re a party of ten with the four kids.  Seemed like a good time to revisit the place.  It’s gorgeous, and if you are in the area between Thanksgiving and Christmas I’d highly recommend the tour and the brunch or dinner.  Delicious.  Even better with the kiddos on the outside.

public service announcement

If you haven’t gotten your flu shot this year I’d highly recommend it.  M’s on day five of the suffering and doesn’t look or feel any better than day one.  It’s a rough one.
The girls got a bell for Christmas – the type you ring when you enter a business, or an order’s up and ready for serving.  E gave it to her dad to ring for us when he needed something.  M told her it was a nice gesture, but if he starting ringing a bell for me I might wring his neck.
He’s probably right.
Get your flu shot.

settling in

There are a few new friends making a home upstairs.  The cardboard owl above, from her aunt, and her new doll, Irene, from Santa.  They both fit right in.