Daily Archives: January 1, 2013

little corners

It’s that time of the year when I get a good clean on, move some stuff out and some new stuff in.  Usually my camera hangs around me while I do it.  Here are a few corners I’ve been working on.

I got this new red leather kangaroo from M and the girls for Christmas.  It holds various little desk items, and special notes in the mouth, if you so choose.  I love it.  And I love the desk area.  I’m excited to refinish some more of the big pine boards we salvaged out of the attic to make a longer desk area – one that spans the width of the room – and get the computer out of our bedroom again.  And maybe even bring home one of my grandmother’s sewing machines!

I hung this Picasso card on the window jamb.  I think the deep set windows are one of the best parts of an old house.

And I also pulled this print out of storage and hung it on the wall.  It’s from Love and Reason, and I love all of Kate’s work.  Glad to finally get this where I can look at it.

a little extra support

Turns out I had more junk than I thought, and the back room studio shelves needed a little extra help.  Because the ceilings are so high we put shelves up to the top, and the uprights are the maximum length.  We are also suspending our own desktop, and as a result the verticals were slightly bowing in the middle.  We purchases twelve additional support clips (seen there on the right), and I had to take down some of the things and install them.  Since M is confined to the bed or a chair at the moment, and since I couldn’t stand to look at everything sitting on the floor – again – I decided to take matters into my own hands. Twelve drywall anchors and twelve brackets later the shelves are snug as a bug and reloaded.  Now it’s time to tackle that file pile and see how my new filing system is holding up.