Daily Archives: January 2, 2013

(happier) new year

2013 was a bit of a rough start for us, and I don’t think I’d like to relive yesterday again anytime soon.  But we’re all still here, and still trying to get well and move forward.  Let’s just pretend like yesterday didn’t happen and get on with it.

Speaking of pretend play, that’s what F got this Christmas – lots of extra props to beef up her dress up repertoire.  She’s particularly helpful when she becomes “Ladybug Girl” because she can “do anything!”  Which means she can help her great-grandfather unwrap tricky presents.  It can also mean that she can set her own rules (in her mind)… and sometimes that ladybug wand has to disappear for awhile.  We’re having our fair share of head to head battles around here, but I think we’re navigating age three okay, (and she’s got that hard hat now to protect her).