Daily Archives: January 3, 2013


1.  Stop biting my nails.

I’ve made this resolution every year for at least thirty years and you can see how far it’s gotten me.  I’ve had beautiful nails for eighteen months of my life – during both pregnancies.  My hair and skin and nails never looked better (thanks super hormones and prenatal vitamins).  And then I gave birth and my hair fell out, I never had time to wash my face, and I was so stressed and worn out I started biting my once-again-brittle nails… again.

Regardless, I still make this resolution each year.  This year I’ve purchased something new to put on my fingers, and I’ve been putting lotion on my hands constantly as a deterrent.  Still doesn’t work for long, but it’s worth a try every first week of January.

2.  Floss better.

I actually made this resolution two dentist trips ago and I did it, and I got gold stars both times.  I think I enjoyed those gold stars more than making the honor roll or winning best hair in my tenth grade yearbook.  Of course, I also had to get a crown last time, but I was assured it had nothing to do with my flossing skills, and so congratulations!  I got a gold star and an eight hundred dollar dental bill.  Sweet.

Maybe I should say 2.  Continue my rock star flossing.

3.  Fold clothes immediately upon removal from the dryer.

I’ve already broken this one, but I swear I’m going to fold the pile on the counter as soon as I finish typing this list.

4.  Put some curtains up in F’s room and get rid of the foam core at the windows.

It’s only been 3.5 years.  This is getting ridiculous.

5.  Finish the bookshelves.

Wait, I can’t make resolutions for my husband.  Sorry.

6.  Practice patience (in parenting).

Yesterday doesn’t count.

7.  Run three times a week, minimum.  

Minus the crazy holiday schedule, I’ve been killing this one since October!

8.  Organize the house files.

These are not our regular files – I whipped those into submission last year.  This is the tremendous pile / box / folders of stuff related to all of the work we’ve put into this house over the last twelve + years, including installation instructions, owners manuals, warranties, receipts, etc.

I’ve already order six beautiful linen covered Naked Binders, because nothing gets me more motivated to organize than beautiful storage vessels.

9.  Go on more dates with M.  

I mean it this year.  When we do go, we have so much fun.  We need to do it more.  Netflix nights don’t count.

10.  Clean up more during the week to free up the weekends.
At some point this might actually mean hiring someone to clean occasionally.  We finally got smart and hired out the yard work – at least for now.  It seemed like such a weird thing to me – I mean, we’re those kind of do-it-yourself’ers, even when others might hire work out.  If we could turn this house into something livable from where we started – and mostly with our own four hands – then why couldn’t we do something simple like clean a bathroom or mow the lawn?  

Right now we both work so many hours, and volunteer so many hours at other things, that when the hours all get divided up we don’t have that many left.  Way too often we would turn down offers to do something because we needed to clean the house or the yard was a mess.  A few hours later we’d have those jobs done, but then we were too pooped to do anything fun.  We only get so many years with the girls, and I’d rather not spend all of those free moments cleaning toilets with them.

(Note:  They still do a tremendous amount of helping out – especially E – and I’m a firm believer in hard work, and teaching your kids responsibility.  I’m just saying I’m going to try to do things a little more “as we go”, instead of leaving everything to the weekend when it’s a big ol’ drag to tackle it all.)
So that’s what I’ve got for 2013.  And if you continue reading throughout this sixth! year, you can see just how many I accomplish.  Here’s to big goals and new starts!  Do share yours below, if you’d like.