Daily Archives: January 5, 2013

scenes from a saturday

First up, tomato faces.  I paused for a second before ordering three breakfasts this morning – usually the girls split.  But they insisted they were very hungry, so we went for it.  They didn’t disappoint.

The breakfast burrito at The Mud House is one of my favorite ways to wake up and face a Saturday.

Then we were onto Central Library.  No disappointment there either.

It’s all so ridiculously beautiful, but the highlights – at least for this trip – were the children’s section and the adjacent teen room.  F was particularly taken with the glowing people at the entrance.

I loved the paintings between the windows – all of our favorites, especially E’s.  Remember her great love of McCloskey?  So much so that she begged to go to Boston so that she could see him?  She was convinced that he must be there, right alongside those ducklings.

I loved Madeline’s red, with the red cathedral doors visible through the windows.

You can’t forget Harold.  F squealed.

The very best part of this area?  The four tiered reading perches.  I had to pull E out by her toes – the only part I could reach.  She’s declared she’s only doing her homework at Central from now on – sounds like we’ll be there a lot.