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I think we received a record number of holiday cards this year, and yeah! because I love them.  I really like getting the ones with photos in them, probably because I’m not on Facebook, so if I don’t see photos on blogs or in emails then it’s always fun to see how much the kids (and dogs – lots of dogs) have grown since last December.
One of my favorite photo cards was from a friend here in town – her kids are in school with F.  She took the photos herself, and the cards were done by Pinhole Press.  I love their stuff, but hadn’t looked at their site in awhile.  Now that I have revisited it, I’ve got several good ideas to run with.
First up – E and I are going to tackle this memory game for F.  Last night we started our list of F’s favorite objects to photograph, and I’m going to help E set up the shots and let her take them.  We still have half a year to go until her birthday, but maybe we can hold out on giving it to her until then.  There’s always Easter, and Valentine’s Day, and Mardi Gras if we get impatient… right?
The possibilities are really endless though – you could easily pick a theme and run with it.  Or do two sets to combine and make a more challenging game.  I also love the idea of photographing friends and family that attend a birthday party or similar event, and then making this game out those photos.  Super cute. 

When E was little we had a small book that held photographs of all of her relatives, and we wrote their names on the various pages.  She loved that book and read it constantly.  I think it really helped with familiarity when she was little because our family lives far away and we don’t see them that often.  Pinhole Press also carries a similar type book – in several forms, including a durable board book.  I think it would make an awesome gift for a one- or two-year-old, or you could photograph those family members who attend the birthday party and make the book with those photos.
Or these super cute letter magnets for the fridge.  I’m thinking these might be fun for the girls’ magnetic wall.

And you better believe there will be some alphabet cards too, for my happy little letter learner.  E and I have our work cut out for us!  I’m thinking we can start finding things in our favorite places around the city to represent each letter – what a cool way to document our spring and summer, and create a cool gift at the same time.

up, up, up

Yesterday the supplies arrived and this morning a dozen men in hardhats and heavy work coats showed up right at eight.  A few minutes later this crane pulled up, and all thoughts of breakfast were gone.

E is supposed to be at school at 8:25, and at 8:24 someone refused to move from that spot below.  Flat out refused.

I finally coaxed her away and into the car by promising we’d drive back by after dropping off (the now late) E at school a few blocks away.  We pulled up to the corner by the deli and watched them navigate the crane around the street lamp and up, up, up in the air.  When we finally pulled away there were many tears.  Now I’m sitting at work and thinking it might have been just fine to come in a little later.  Not too many days you have big yellow cranes in front of your house.

The tears did dry up, and we showed the pictures to friends at school and all was well.  The crane won’t be around tomorrow, but the workers still will, and that should be plenty exciting.  
We’re replacing the flat portion of the roof – that’s the majority of the roof on our house.  Two-thirds of the house is three stories, and there’s a two-story portion at the rear with a flat roof as well.  We redid the front mansard roof in slate and copper back in 2003, when E was a newborn – that’s a 100-year roof so we won’t ever have to do that again!  Slide show pictures of that work are here – it was pre-blog days.

tied up

I’m refraining from any Fifty Shades of Grey references here, but there are a few too many belts hanging out in my room right now.  If you were here a few days ago, I was working on this little project when I discovered that I had remembered the double belt as a single belt… and I was wondering where I was going to find a larger belt than a Mens XL.  Once I realized it was two belts (ding, ding, ding), I headed back to Target to pick up two ladies belts.  There were tons and tons of belts, and lots were on clearance, but they were a royal pain to pick through.  I finally found two matching ones – on sale – and I purchased them.  They had a series of holes in them that I thought might be kind of nice.

I got them home and of course they were way too big.  They should create this almost equilateral triangle on the top of the clock, but this was going to look more like a dunce hat up there – even set at the last belt hole.  Pinterest fail #2.  

The third time I went back I looked through the rows of belts and found three more pairs.  A light camel colored set (size small this time) and a thinner reddish brown set (size medium).  I also found another set of the belts with the hole pattern in a size small – the first set had been XL – and I thought that I might use the two smalls, or use a combination of a small and an XL.  All I knew was I did not want to make trip #4 to Target for belts.  It was getting slightly ridiculous.

I’m still undecided – but I’m leaning towards one of the two above – both form that perfect triangle above the clock.  
And I just realized I’ll still be making trip #4 – to return the SEVEN belts that I don’t need.  Maybe I’ll bring Fifty Shades to read while I’m waiting in the return line…