Daily Archives: January 13, 2013

first faces

First faces that look like faces.  F drew these the other night while we waited for our pizzas at our favorite pizza place.  Two eyes, a nose, a mouth, two ears, and a scrub of hair. These are going into the big frame.

for the grandmothers

One more photo of the new haircut… for the grandmothers who tend to get a little sentimental about these sorts of things.

This morning F was singing this song under her breath while she got ready:

Not one ponytail,
Not one braid!
Not one rubberband in my hair –
Just a bow!


Later on she was singing her own version of the Twelve Days of Christmas:

On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me…
Six white children
And a vulture and a bare tree

rapunzel in front of mike mulligan

The hair around here was starting to reach fairy tale status…

So for the first time in three-and-a-half years… we took some scissors to the mane.  (Pardon the blurries, she was tossing her head a lot after it was cut.)

One lollipop and one sparkly ring treat later, we left the salon SEVEN inches shorter, and considerably lighter in step.