Daily Archives: January 17, 2013

book making / shelf making

Thanks, Krista, for sending me the link to this fun video of Oliver Jeffers talking about his book making process.  It’s silly, and quirky, but I always find it fascinating to see how someone works.  His sketchbooks remind me of The Incredible Book Eating Boy – every time we read that book I find new layers that I haven’t discovered before.  

This reminds me that I haven’t done (story)time in awhile, so I’ll get back on that because we’ve been reading some great new ones, and lots of the old favorites.  And we’re squeezing in moments to work on those bookshelves whenever we can.  Like reinstalling baseboard…again.  We salvaged all of the baseboards in the house when we first gutted the place.  We furred out all the exterior walls (added a layer of wood studs, insulation, and new wiring / piping / mechanical) and then we reinstalled all of the trim again, cutting the pieces by the few inches of square footage we lost in the house tightening.  When we installed the bookshelves we once again removed the baseboard, and now M has reinstalled it – this time splicing and mitering around the many additional bumps of the bookshelves.  We still have quite a bit of patching / sanding / caulking to go before a paint brush can hit these things, but we’re closer.

I also found some pretty knobs to go on those cabinet doors.  I was looking for something small and subtle – I was thinking glass – something that wasn’t too fussy looking, but kind of fun.  I found these at Anthropologie .

The ones I got were a little more blue than green, but this is the general idea.  I thought about some of the mercury glass knobs – I may go back and try one of those out.  They have a great collection, and if you are only buying a few (like four) they aren’t too expensive.