admiring: book shelf

If you could see the area right beside my bed, (a. that would be creepy…) but more seriously, you would see a stack of books on the floor that I am in the process of reading.  The books are on the floor because we don’t have bedside tables – we had one (on M’s side), but that table is currently holding the electronics that have no home in the back room.  I have a dresser nearby, but too far from my reach when I’m actually in bed and warm under the covers.  Because no one wants to get out of the blankets once they have sufficiently warmed up around you.

Eventually I would like to have a very small bedside table on each side of the bed – not a big, bulky piece of furniture, but something light that won’t block the view of the nice trim and woodwork below the windows.  Just big enough to hold the majority of a book, or a pair of glasses or glass of water.  And an alarm clock on M’s side – he’s the one that uses it – I usually just drag myself out of bed once he’s out of the bathroom or (much more likely) he’s out the door. 

But back to that pile of books by the side of the bed:  I love the simplicity of this book shelf, first seen via Remodelista.  A place to stack a few books in progress (because that’s how I roll – several books going on a time), and a place to set the book you’ve fallen asleep inside, waking up just enough to throw one arm out from under the covers to place the book on a ledge designed to save your place.  Brilliant.

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