friday finds: your turn

I’m turning the tables – this might be your very own Friday Find!  Our new couch arrives tomorrow morning, and we need to clear out a few things that we no longer have room for.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute.  I plan to list these things next week on Craigslist, but thought I’d give you guys first dibs if you are interested.  All four items are in great condition – they just don’t work with the current direction we are moving in for the living room.

First up – a couch. ($250)

We purchased this couch a dozen years ago from Intaglia (there are no longer stores in town, but they are still going strong in Atlanta.)  We paid around $900 (on sale) for the couch – our biggest purchase EVER as newlyweds, but we were desperate to replace the hand-me-down sleeper sofa that my parents recovered for me to take to graduate school.  I lived in a studio apartment during that time, and so it was perfect… except for the fact that the bed was so extremely uncomfortable that I stopped pulling the bed out at night and just slept on the couch for most of my graduate school days.  And considering I was working on my Masters in architecture – it’s not like I was really sleeping anyway. 

Compared to that first couch, this thing is a dream.  We have no pets, don’t smoke, and never ate TV dinners, so as a result, the couch is in great shape.  It’s a grayish-green, full size (84″ long) with three cushions and two pillows. 

Second up – a rug. ($25)

Also purchased at Intaglia – I think it’s roughly 5’x8′ and it’s cream colored, with a pattern of squares.  The rug itself is in good shape, but the fringe is showing a little wear.  It could be removed or replaced fairly easily.

Third – a ceiling light. ($75)

This light came from Restoration Hardware (cha-ching), purchased with some of those (much beloved) Restoration gift certificates we got as housewarming gifts.  It’s also in great shape, but we’ve replaced it with a pendant light in this space because our ceilings are so high.  Finish is a brushed nickel.  I’ll have to get the measurements for you – I can’t remember the diameter, but it was the largest size, so based on the current offerings at RH, I’m guessing it’s about 17″ in diameter.  It looks small in this photo because I’m taking the picture without zoom from about six feet below.

And fourth – three floating shelves $15 (small x 2), $25 (large) which makes them $55 for the set.

These came from Pottery Barn – and they are in perfect shape.  We just don’t need shelf overload in this room now that we have the bookshelves.  These are really well made, and have a nice mounting system – they are a lot beefier then some of the cheaper ones you see at Target or IKEA.  The finish is a dark espresso color, solid wood.

If you are interested in any of these items please contact me at thirdstoryies at gmail dot com – feel free to ask questions, and as always, first come, first served – (I have one looker at the couch right now).

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