Daily Archives: January 26, 2013

january flowers

I posted an Instagram photo of these flowers from earlier today, but the Open House is over and we brought them back home and placed them in the window.  The afternoon sun was shining in, and I grabbed the camera because there is just something so nice about beautiful flowers in the window on a cold January afternoon.  I love the way these arrangements turned out.  I was trying to stay around a $50 budget for the school’s event, and I needed three big arrangements and two smaller ones.  I’ve been having great luck with the choices at Whole Foods – particularly because they carry lots of $5 clusters of flowers or greenery – one type per bunch – and so it’s really easy to grab several of those and put together some really beautiful arrangements.  
I was standing there contemplating flowers for quite awhile.   There were big tubs full of spring bulbs like iris and tulips, but those seemed a little too springy (although I do like to see signs of the spring I wish were a bit closer).  Other combinations of flowers seemed too fallish, and similar to the arrangements I did for the grandparents’ breakfast in October.  I kept coming back to the seeded eucalyptus – it was this really beautiful combination of green leaves and purplish-pink seeds and stems, and the white hydrangeas were particularly pretty.  I got two bunches of the eucalyptus and two bunches of the hydrangeas (six big ones), but I needed something else.  There was one lone grouping of a dozen roses – not white / not cream, but the tiniest blush color.  They were perfect.  

I busted the budget by $5, but I ended up with a tremendous amount of flowers and they really looked great, particularly in the collection of different vases that I used.  I’m sure every WF is different, but if you are looking for some flowers in the near future, you might see if they still have some of these.  For $15 you could really do a knockout arrangement with the three giant hydrangeas and the eucalyptus – and throw in some of those roses and you’ve got a pretty amazing Valentine’s Day bouquet.

open house

Lots of flower arranging and treat making going on around here last night.   It’s Open House at E’s school today, so stop by and visit if you are in that delightful family stage of making school decisions.  E’s a tour guide, so you might get to enjoy that treat… and you’ll certainly enjoy lots of other treats because all the best foodies turn out the good stuff for this event.

Skip your coffee and donut run this morning and come by – details here.