Monthly Archives: February 2013

admiring: sun print tiles

You may remember our sunprint art the girls and I did last spring.  We were thrilled with the results, and I’m in the process of trying to decide where to hang them in our living room.  You can imagine how taken I am with these tiles, seen today on Remodelista.   These blueware tiles are by Glithero and they’ve used the same principle – placing the specimens over photo-sensitive chemicals.  Gorgeous.  Now I want something similar in our Master Bathroom. 

Simply stunning.  Plus, I love thinking about finding early signs of spring on this gray, gray day.

Photos by Glithero, via Remodelista

rug out, rug in

We sold the old rug last night, a few hours after I received the email notice that the new rug was shipping.  I’m really excited to see it in the space – here’s hoping we like it.  (I think I like it – I’m not sure the rest of the gang is sold on it.)  Now if I could just sell that couch…
I also ordered some samples in coordinating colors with this rug – we’re going to try and make a custom shaped entry mat at the front (side) entry that comes directly into the living room.  This is an ongoing design problem – creating an entry / landing zone when you walk directly into a living room.  After having a week of wet snow and slush and ice, we are reminded again that we need more than a 2’x3′ floor mat for eight feet in boots to step in on.  I’m even thinking about a summer entry and a winter entry.  The only problem with that is that we live in a city where it can be one of those things one day, and the other the next day!  Last night the ice hit the window like tinkling glass all night long – and I wouldn’t be surprised if we were wearing short sleeves next week.  Ahh…February in the Midwest.

pins out

The doctor is removing the pins from M’s hand today (they stick out like a voodoo doll).  The girls decided to sign his cast over the weekend.  We made them stick to names only, which is good.  If they had stated drawing people, the whole voodoo thing might have started to get a little too real.