friday finds: me in love

This Friday finds me 1. cold (come February I’m getting just a wee bit tired of winter), 2. tired (still trying to catch up from a week that started off with a night of nearly no sleep – I’m too old for those sorts of things now) and 3. in love.

You know I love the husband, the kids, the house (I’m sharing that love all week), but I’m also talking about the love of friends – and one in particular today.  She’s the kind of friend that, despite never having spent more than a weekend even living in the same city or barely the same state as me – every time I think of her, or read something she writes, or send a quick email off to her and get that reply back… well, it’s love.

I’m not entirely surprised by this – our husbands were the best of friends as kids, so it’s probably not a huge stretch that we’d be a lot alike.  But you could tick off the times we’ve actually hung out together in person and still have some fingers left.  Doesn’t matter one bit to me.  I still appreciate her role in my life and I’m glad she’s in it.  

Plus, she makes stuff like this:

I’ve mentioned how fun Just One Bite is before – and I ordered them for teachers’ gifts at the holidays and they were perfect.  But her Valentine’s goodies are simply too cute – I want a whole set of those heart shaped ramekins.  And she is currently donating the full amount of each heart shaped ramekin purchased between now and Valentine’s Day to the Kansas City Humane Society (a no-kill shelter with a 97% placement record) because that’s just the kind of person she is.  The kind of person I’m glad that I know, the kind of person I love having as a friend.

The perfect gift for all those friends in your life.

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