happy valentine’s day

I had a small cookie order this week (4 soccer balls) and so I decided I had no excuse not to use the remaining cookie dough from that batch to make Valentine cookies for the girls’ friends and teachers.  It turned out to be  a pretty busy week, but I had planned ahead for that and made the dough Monday night, baked the cookies Tuesday night, and then decorated them last night after arriving home from a late meeting (so forgive the poor lighting in these photos).
I realize that this is kind of a late tutorial, since today is the day, and I don’t regularly do tutorials anyway, but this is a fun, easy way to decorate cookies with high impact results.  Especially if you have a cookie helper who’s more than willing to swirl. 

The key to getting a great looking iced cookie in the first place is royal icing at the right consistency – meaning just thin enough to spread out and not leave ridges where you iced it, but not so thin that it runs off the edge.  Surface tension is your friend here.

Then you drip a different colored icing onto the still wet base icing – the pattern doesn’t matter one bit.

Swirl in some figure eights and random circles to mix the icing colors and voila!

Marbled cookies for all of your Valentines.

Have a great day today, and check back later for another installment in our house’s birthday celebration.

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