rug out, rug in

We sold the old rug last night, a few hours after I received the email notice that the new rug was shipping.  I’m really excited to see it in the space – here’s hoping we like it.  (I think I like it – I’m not sure the rest of the gang is sold on it.)  Now if I could just sell that couch…
I also ordered some samples in coordinating colors with this rug – we’re going to try and make a custom shaped entry mat at the front (side) entry that comes directly into the living room.  This is an ongoing design problem – creating an entry / landing zone when you walk directly into a living room.  After having a week of wet snow and slush and ice, we are reminded again that we need more than a 2’x3′ floor mat for eight feet in boots to step in on.  I’m even thinking about a summer entry and a winter entry.  The only problem with that is that we live in a city where it can be one of those things one day, and the other the next day!  Last night the ice hit the window like tinkling glass all night long – and I wouldn’t be surprised if we were wearing short sleeves next week.  Ahh…February in the Midwest.

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  1. Ugh, Stu is there and says the weather is horrible. So sorry! The sun FINALLY showed up today and it was glorious. Hope it sticks around for a while.

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