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slowly but surely

Slowly but surely, we’re carting up and carting down, stacks and stacks and boxes and boxes of books. Slowly but surely the shelves are getting painted, installed, filled, refilled, shifted up, shifted down. We’re not there yet, but we’re inching closer. 
GNv0pF on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
Tonight I started on the cabinet doors that will cover the bottom four “boxes”, two on the right and two on the left of the pretend fireplace. The girls have been stocking those cabinets already. In case you couldn’t tell, duplo blocks and dress up clothes are among their contents. I’ve been unearthing all of the framed items that were boxed up two years ago, and I’m hanging them on the picture rail (randomly for now) to pull all the kinks out of the wires – that’s why it’s looking a little crowded in there right now. We still have some grommets to drill in the countertop so the cords are all hidden.  But we’re inching along.  

Beware the upcoming posts highlighting some of the things we’re finding along the way!

For now, here are a few of my favorite “stills” from the animation above.

friday finds: snow and libraries

This Friday found us with some snow and ice, so we packed the kids up and hopped in our one vehicle that can navigate the slippery roads.  When we got back home later that night, we heated up chili and slipped into Friday night relax mode.  The living room is still a combination of old and new, but we’re starting to use it again.  I was painting cabinet doors on the dining room table, and M and E were reading in the living room.  (Check on the size of that cast!)  F was busy building the Great Wall of China with Lego’s and all was well in the house.  Awesome. 
I posted the couch and rug on Craigslist, and have some lookers this afternoon.  Hoping to get those out of the way so that we can unwrap the new couch still sitting on its end on the corner.

Later on, we got out E’s new library kit to start turning these books into a “real” library.  Then we checked out some books, read them, and hit the hay.

Not a bad Friday, hope yours was nice (and warm) as well.

snow day thoughts

We’re watching the ice and snow fly out our windows, and enjoying some bonus family time in our coming-together-living room.  Even the pretend fireplace is warming us up a bit!  Meanwhile I’m watching the super white wall of shelving taking on more and more color as the shelves and cabinets are slowly filling.  I’m glad that we decided to hold off on recovering our pink cushions on our Poul Jensen Selig Z Chairs – I want to see them with the white couch and the other colors in the room before deciding on a fabric direction.  Here are some photos in my research to get the juices flowing…
Man, I love these chairs – what a lucky break!