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resolution check in

It’s almost mid-March, so it seems like a good time to check in on the New Year’s Resolutions and see how they are coming along (or how they mysteriously vanished from the mind).

2013 Resolutions

1.  Stop biting my nails.

I’m not kidding you.  I’ve nailed this one.  (Sorry.)  This was my plan of action.

  • Purchase Barielle No-Bite Pro Growth (a bitter tasting nail strengthener).
  • Use it.
  • Slowly wean myself off from it, but maintain a reasonable length of nails so that I’m less encouraged to gnaw on them.

I’m completely proud of myself for doing this (so far), but the flip side is that without my nails in my mouth I tend to rest my head in my hands more – in general, I have my hands on my face a lot still, which means my skin looks a lot worse.  Great nails, mediocre skin.  Always a trade off.  Now I’m going to work on drinking more water – which might help the whole skin thing.

2.  Floss better.  Maybe I should say 2.  Continue my rock star flossing.
I don’t think I’ve been as good about this.  Like yesterday’s post, maybe doing really well in some areas means other areas suffer.  I’m going to re-energize myself on this.  I don’t want to slide backwards.

3.  Fold clothes immediately upon removal from the dryer.

50/50.  Not as good at it as I should be.  Depends on the load I think.  Some things are easier, more fun to fold then others.  Folding kitchen towels and pairing up socks are my least favorite.

4.  Put some curtains up in F’s room and get rid of the foam core at the windows.

I ordered the expensive fabric.  Fabric came in after a week, completely water damaged and covered in dirt and grit.  Returned damaged bolt to the store only to find out fabric is now on back order and I won’t get it until April.  So, yes, I’ve accomplished this if you define “this” as:  spent a ton of money and have absolutely nothing physical to show for it except a receipt.  Or no, I’ve not accomplished this because I haven’t actually cut or hemmed anything so the really scary part (to me) isn’t done.  Lucky for me, I can completely blame this failure on someone else.

5.  Finish the bookshelves.

This was the smarty pants thing I wrote under this resolution back in January:  Wait, I can’t make resolutions for my husband.  Sorry.
Then he got the extreme flu and just as he emerged from that illness he broke his right hand, requiring surgery and actual pieces of metal protruding from his body for weeks on end.  So I feel sort of bad for writing that.  And I kicked up my A-game and got.them.done.

6.  Practice patience (in parenting).

Hmmm…. some days.

7.  Run three times a week, minimum.  

Yeah, not so great.  I did great, even through the cold and wind, for the first six weeks of the year, but then the last three or four weeks have been really crappy, weatherwise.  Lots of ice and snow and rain and cold, and I refuse to run in slippery conditions because the last thing we need in this family is another broken bone and hospital bill.  Plus, (the real truth) – I really don’t want to run when it’s that miserable outside.

I have run on the nicer days, and Friday and this weekend were awesome.  I can still do three miles, so I haven’t slipped too much.

8.  Organize the house files.

No change here.  In fact, my desk looks even worse now than it did in January.

9.  Go on more dates with M.  

Woohoo!  I wanted to make sure that at least once a month we got a baby sitter and went out together.  Then we went a little overboard, because the last three weekends we went out (post-Valentine’s, a school fundraiser and then to see The Book of Mormon.)  It’s all or nothing in our house, I guess.

10.  Clean up more during the week to free up the weekends.

50/50.  Except for the past two weeks when we’ve really let it slide.  M told me to cut myself some slack, and he’s right.  It’s not magazine ready, but we’re not living in filth here, so I guess that’s something. 


There’s my follow-up, the good, the bad and the ugly.  How are your resolutions going? 

nothing’s quite finished

One of the things that I’ve found to be true in our house is that nothing ever really gets 100% done.  It’s been so helpful to me to look back through these old photos and put together the room recaps, because the day to day reality seems a lot less productive to me.  Thirteen years into this crazy story, I have finally acknowledged that there is no such thing as balance when it comes to renovating your house.  We can not do it all.  And if by some chance you think that we are doing it all… well then, you haven’t seen my bathroom floors this week.
I’m not going to call us slackers anytime soon, because we are anything but.  Still, there are many, many pieces of this life, and I don’t think we’ve ever known a time when they were all in place at the same time.  Work can get really, really busy and our dinner menu starts to look a little uninspired.  Dinners can be works of culinary art, but the house may start to look a little dusty in the corners.  We jump full force into a new project, and the paperwork and filing and overall number of piles start to creep up on us.  We may decide that we all want to hang out and stay up an hour later together on a Friday night in the new living room, and so the day’s laundry isn’t folded and we push off bath night to the next night.  
Sometimes it feels like a gigantic whack-a-mole game, and if I’m not careful I start to feel a little crazy nuts about how hard it is to keep up.  I spend a beautiful Saturday afternoon indoors, on a ladder, doing the touch up paint on the walls and baseboard.  The tasks are simple, but they require three gallons of paint from the basement, a run to the paint store for new matching paint for the walls, several trips to the sink to wash brushes and roller covers and trays between colors.   The room looks so, so good, but it’s that last five percent that will kill you.  I look at my pretend fireplace and see that last half of fake cast iron moulding that needs finishing.  It’s a colored pencil drawing, for pete’s sake, but still – it’s another thing on the list of not-quite-there.  Plus, I kind of think it needs some fake logs and fire too.  If you’re going to go foam core with the fireplace for awhile, then you might as well go all out.
It’s Sunday night, and I’ve spent the first half of the day in church and meetings, and the second half of the day at work.  We ate dinner together, and read our good night books, and now M’s doing work stuff at the dining room table and I’m trying to catch up on the laundry that secretly multiplies whenever I ignore it for one day.  Someone, somewhere got the brilliant idea to take an hour away from us each spring, and when I find that person I’m going to give him or her a piece of my mind.  But first I’m going to take a deep breath, look around for a minute and find one thing that I’m going to finish tonight, even if it’s just that last load in the dryer that I just heard stop.  And then I’ll try to convince my brain that it’s eleven o’clock and not ten o’clock and try to get a jump on a good and productive week ahead.  And let the dust bunnies live to see another day.