Daily Archives: March 13, 2013


I’m loving, really loving, the new couch.  I’ve been wanting this baby for years, and now it’s hanging out in my own home.  Am I freaked out about having a white couch?  Not really.  So far we haven’t really changed our routine at all – except on pesto night.  On pesto night we head straight up to the tub.  Actually, we did that when we had a green couch too.  So no food and no coffee, but we didn’t eat on the old couch, so that’s not a big deal either.  I think we’re good (she says as she throws out all permanent markers in the house).

I’m also really loving the new rug.  I’ll try to get a full shot this weekend, but the light has been really terrible lately.  The sun only seems to come out when I’m stuck in the office.  They were pre-treating the roads tonight for some type of weather event that I must have missed out on.  It’s almost the 13th of March!  Where’s the spring (she asks as she switches out the winter blog header for the spring one, just in case it works)?
Last thing I’m loving?  When a plan becomes reality.  Check it out.

We still have some things left to do in here, but we’re getting so, so close.  The chairs are still pink, the fireplace is still fake, we’re still filling the shelves, and we need to get the power tools and the vacuum cleaner out this weekend and drill the holes for the wire grommets and the door pulls.  Right now we’ve plugged the music into the outlet in the cabinet and the wire wraps around the front of the counter top.  We’ll pick up some more of my old books that E can’t get enough of (ah, Nancy Drew, how I loved you), when we visit my family in the near future.  I’m still unwrapping things in boxes and plastic from the basement too.  We’re trying to decide on what we want to hang over the (currently fake) fireplace – that’s where the scale replica is coming in handy.  This was the mirror that used to hang over the old mantel, and it does look pretty good there – plus, it reflects the awesome light fixture for double the fun.  We lowered the pendant slightly (it’s been held up out of our way with a few loops and a binder clip on the cord), and we’re pretty close to the right height, I think.  I dance a little jig every time I walk into this room – plus it looks really awesome from the street when the lights are all on.  So maybe I really dance a little jig as I walk up the sidewalk.  But only when no one’s looking.