a little new, a little blue

The majority of the things on these shelves are things that we already owned, or things handed down to us through the years.  There are a couple of new things though, purchased to fill in a few gaps and add a little color.
I wanted some yellow billy balls for the tall vase that I already owned, and I knew they would look good next to the print I purchased and framed several months back.  Julie sent these and I love them. 

Last thanksgiving we stopped in IKEA in Atlanta (an annual visit) and that visit I had a very specific list.  The only impulse buy was this little gray flower pot.  I really liked the color and the size and I thought it would be great to add a little green to the shelves.  I transplanted some ‘Calico Kitty’ cuttings a few weeks back, but they didn’t take.  I think maybe they got too cold in the transport.  Yesterday I stopped to pick up some new plants, and hopefully these will fare a little better.

And now you might laugh because this might sound strange.  I can generally resist the siren song of Target because I don’t shop there too often, and when I go in I always have a list.  But the other night E and I dropped off a friend and then stopped into Target to get some more laundry detergent and a new toothbrush for F.  I spotted a gray cake stand (not pictured) with a red clearance sticker and I put it into the basket.  Apparently that was an invitation to venture down the aisles I rarely ever travel.
So then I found a heavy vase that could double as a bookend.

And this knit pillow on sale that is absolutely perfect for some lazy couch reading action.  I’ve got a slew of little things to do today, but I’ve also got plans for some of that reading today.  I’m waist deep in Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver, and I’m having trouble getting out.

Even my book looks good in this space.

3 Responses to a little new, a little blue

  1. Alyson from Clemson :)

    Love that print! Where can I find it?!

  2. I purchased it through Fab several months ago and wrote about it here: http://thirdstory-ies.blogspot.com/2013/01/john-wesley.html

    Here’s the actual company website: http://logophilia.imagekind.com/

    And it’s framed in my favorite line of frames: http://www.framatic.com/pg/frame.php?id=F

  3. Alyson from Clemson :)

    Thanks!! Love it!!

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