Daily Archives: March 19, 2013

spring break

It’s spring break week, and after a gloomy start the sun has decided to come out for the occasion.  I’m doing a rare thing in these parts – taking a couple of days off unrelated to travel or sickness.  E has been showing more and more interest in some of the house projects, and every time I get the paint out she wants to help.  I was way too particular about the bookshelves, and the kind of paint we used wasn’t kid friendly (or mistake friendly) at all.  So I decided that we’d take a few days to get some painting projects started or finished around the house – the kind that are hard to get rolling in the evenings or on the weekends.  F’s in school, so after we drop her off we get to work.

This is the wall in F’s room that may be the death of me.  You might remember the issue we had with it a few years back.  We painted magnetic paint on the wall, then the gray wall paint on top of it.  This wall gets serious late day sun, and we hadn’t done the new roof yet, so I’m sure there was some moisture getting into the wall behind the drywall.  The magnetic paint formed this really tight seal which made the problem worse.  The heat on one side and the unbreathable surface on the other side meant that the paint peeled, and the drywall really failed behind it.  

We remedied that issue (details here), but a few months after painting the wall I noticed that the green of the moisture resistant drywall was showing through – very lightly, and only if you stared at it – but I noticed it every time I was on that couch and it bugged me.  So down came ALL the things on the wall again (those are the things F’s playing with on the bench above) and we primed again, and painted two coats.  I did the top half, E did the bottom.  M’s going to touch up some caulk at the ceiling beams, and then we’ll touch up the trim paint in the corner and put everything back up.  Again.

I don’t care if this thing turns purple next time.  My painting days on this wall are done.