meet buddy and boots

These are not our new chickens, just our new job this week.  Chicken sitting.  

Don’t say that three times fast.

Chicken sitting comes with several perks.  An excuse to call your snow boots your “chicken boots” now.  (F)  A reason to request an earlier alarm clock setting and to actually get out of bed when it goes off. (E)  But one downside is an increase in chicken related dreams and nightmares.  (K)  I kept dreaming that one or more of the chickens met some untimely demise on my watch.  This morning we walked over to our neighbors’ yard, and we saw Buddy and Boots… but no Rosie.  My heart sank.  And then I realized she was probably hanging out in the coop, laying some eggs.  Or hanging out in the coop trying to stay warm.  Turns out it was probably both.

And here’s the third (and best) perk.  Free eggs.

We promptly postponed the menu plans for tonight (broccoli casserole) and made a cinnamon french toast dish instead (from Smitten Kitchen).  This eggy change of plans was met with great delight, and great appetites.  The girls polished off a ridiculous amount. 

One more chicken morning, and then we’re done.  For now.  I have a feeling the girls have earned future chicken duties, and I also have a feeling they don’t mind that idea one little bit.

3 Responses to meet buddy and boots

  1. Yay for backyard chickens!

  2. Brett and I want chickens SO bad! Scratch that. I want chickens. And Brett is a trooper! 🙂 How fun for you all!

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