Daily Archives: March 29, 2013

friday finds: summer projects

Thanks to a very generous gift certificate from M’s parents, I had some Fabric Nosherie money burning a hole in my pocket.  So I plugged said hole with some summer projects.  The ladybug fabric is for a lined bag that E and I are going to make for our favorite Ladybug Girl’s birthday.
The fabric below is to make another drawstring play mat for the girls like the one I made with Brooke in a class last December for my nephew.

And I love, love love this fabric combo.  When I made F’s pouf last year I inadvertently made double the amount of batting wedges because I didn’t realize that the batting I purchased was two layers thick.  So I have half the materials I already need to make another one, and this fabric is perfect for E’s room.  She’ll love it.

Speaking of summer projects, I need to check in on my way overdue curtain fabric order.  Looks like I’m going to be busy.