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admiring: proportion

I love a good cake (probably more than I should) but I rarely eat all the icing that comes with a slice.  I love the way it looks – but I’m much more interested in the cake itself and not all the sugary sweetness on top.  I think that’s why I love a cake with lots of thin layers – the best combination of cake and a thin coating of icing or ganache in every bite.  So you might understand why I flipped out when I saw these cakes on The Cake Blog.  Not only are the gorgeous, but they look so delicious to eat.  

Putting all that aside, the craft behind these cakes is what really blew my mind.  There’s a video of the process and it is completely worth your time to watch it.  It’s cake construction that involves an x-acto knife, a pastry bag and an offset spatula – it doesn’t get much better.  And some pretty amazing cake stands.  I might just be slightly obsessed.

random bits from the week / weekend

I framed the Hockensmith print – I used a frame from my favorite line, Framatic, but this time purchased the deeper shadowbox frame so I could suspend the print in the frame because I liked the deckled edges.  I’m not sure where I’m going to hang it yet but I have a few ideas.


I mentioned moving out furniture in the living room – one new thing I’m going to add in is this:

“This” being the fiddle leaf fig tree – I’m going to use my birthday money to purchase one.  I think it’s going to look great by the front window in the living room – opposite the bookshelves.  It will give some height and interest to the corner without being a piece of furniture.  I know it’s the cool tree right now, and I like to be cool.
Top Image via Houzz, Bottom image via Manhattan Nest.
E and I were talking about figure drawing and so I pulled out my old portfolio of drawings from one of my classes.  She wants to take a class – we might try to find one together, although maybe they won’t let fourth graders draw nudes (her thought, but she might be right).  I told her she should just take her sketchbook over to Bumbershoots and go to town.

I also found this self portrait of myself sitting on the floor of my graduate school apartment drawing myself in the mirror.  She loved it, and then sat down to make her own version.

If you follow me on Instagram then you’ve seen the weekly culinary creations from E’s after school club at school.  Best idea ever.  Thursday nights rock.

It might actually be spring now since the dogwood finally bloomed in our front yard, but you’d never know it by the weather.  It feels like February.
I saw this cake in Feast magazine, and so we decided to hunt it down yesterday afternoon.  They were out of it, but had plenty of other delicious things to try.

The girls flipped out when we walked in because there was our fireplace:

F squealed to the whole place that they had our fireplace – only a real one.  The girls explained to the owner that we had a drawing of one in our house, so pictures were exchanged.  He turned the real one on for us with the remote control and we thought about how we would have certainly gotten our money’s worth this spring with all the cold, damp weather.  So, if you are in the neighborhood, stop by Russell’s on Macklind, order up something sweet and enjoy the fireplace – “our” fireplace.  Can’t wait til the “real” one’s in our house.
We were supposed to be camping this weekend, but M had a funeral out of state on Saturday, and the weather turned out not to be so great, so the girls and I kind of vegged out.  We started some more projects, and have some more in the pipeline so I hope to share those soon.
M got home around lunch and met us at church.  We headed over to the zoo for a “two animal visit” – that’s the kind of zoo trip I like.  Find some free street parking across the highway, ramble in and check out two animals (plus the ones you see along the way) and then head home for naps.   Today’s animals were the sea lions and the giraffes.  Good times.

Hope you had a nice weekend.

admiring: hex tables

I have hexagons on the brain today – but for an entirely different reason than this.  (More on that later.)  I’m also thinking about the dining room now, and as we shift things around in the house we are trying to make some decisions on final furniture placements.  Right now the living room is overstuffed with furniture.  We have a large wardrobe in there that we plan to move around the corner to the dining room – it’s a large and bulky piece – I don’t hate it but I’m not super in love with it either.  However – with no closets on the first floor it is a necessity.
We also have a beautiful walnut console table and coffee table that I love but that are also too big for the space.  The living room furniture sits about four inches away from the coffee table so you have to straddle it to sit down so it’s just not going to work in the space.  Our living room is a tough little noodle since it’s also the entry hall and you have a regularly traveled path diagonally through it.  The furniture has to float in the room – none of it is anchored to the walls.  I love the way that it looks in there, but it really limits the size / amount of furniture that looks good in there.  There’s just not visual (or actual) space for furniture in both the center and along the walls.
Now that we’ve used the space more we’re starting to figure out just what would work for us in there.  We do play games a lot – so it would be nice to have a coffee table to do that.  The current table has such a big diameter that you can’t reach across to the other side, so you have to kind of play in one little area and sit on the floor to do it.
We don’t eat in the room – but it would be nice to have a place to put a cup of coffee or drinks when we have friends over, so a side table would be nice.  
And flexibility would be really great – we find that we shift things around quite a bit in here depending on what we are doing.  (Another reason to limit the amount of furniture.)  When the girls pull out dress up clothes we slide the chairs out of the way and try to move the current coffee table over to give them room to spread out.  Having this kind of flexibility is important because we don’t have a playroom in the house – and their bedrooms are really, really far away from the living spaces.
So maybe it was all these things floating around in my brain that made me take notice when I saw this image in an email from West Elm.   These marble tables look so amazing in that space – 
and I love how they can be clustered together to create a coffee table space in the center of the room – but also how they could easily be broken apart into smaller tables for other uses – to pull up to the couch for a coffee cup, 
or to prop some feet on while reading.  (That’s F’s favorite reading position.)  So I’ll be keeping these guys in mind as we start to get our act together on this floor.  Time to move on to those other hexagons I was talking about…