Daily Archives: April 2, 2013

admiring: green

It’s starting to feel a bit like spring around these parts, but it’s so very different from last year’s spring.  Spring came so early last year that the tulips were already blooming and we stopped to enjoy them on Easter Sunday in Pella, Iowa.  This year’s Easter drive home was very, very brown.  Not a bulb in sight, not even a daffodil.

The daffodils are starting to pop up around town though, and I’m really happy to see their smiling faces.  I came around the bend on my run yesterday afternoon and there was a whole bed of their sunny faces.  Made me forget that it was just barely pushing fifty degrees outside. It’s amazing what a little sunshine and blue skies and yellow flowers will do to your mood.

I finished painting the trim in the bathroom last night and packed up the stuff to carry upstairs for some trim touch up in F’s room.  We’re ready to get her desk put back on the wall – I painted the wall a couple of weeks ago, but I need my taller counterpart to caulk around the ceiling beams so  that I can touch up the trim paint and be done with it.

After that I’m wondering what’s next on the list?  I feel like I’m on a roll now, with the living room and the half bathroom.  It’s hard to know where to go next.  Part of me wants to get outdoors and take advantage of the cooler spring air to tackle some outdoor projects, but at the same time I want to keep going on the first floor because half of it looks so good and the other half looks so bad.

Speaking of spring – and green – I’m loving these Boskke Sky Planters.  I really want to do an indoor herb garden, and I’ve got a great south facing window in the kitchen – plus an east facing (slightly shaded) window.  They have a set of three – a set per window would be cool. These would look so sweet hanging in front of the windows.  So, so sweet.


I’ve got a ton of ideas brewing, and I’m going to start getting them organized into some mood boards and some 3D models so I can make a game plan.  This weekend I may or may not being getting a bit older, and I’m hoping that I might find myself with a little time to be creative. I’ve got four things I want to get done.  One: a project I’ve been working on for the living room from ages ago.  Two: moving the furniture around in the living room and getting the wardrobe out of there so that Three:  I can hang things on the wall.  Four:  I have a can of white spray paint and a few things in my mind that might get a new coat of paint.

Maybe if I stay busy enough the whole birthday thing will just slide right on by…