Daily Archives: April 6, 2013

getting older

The kitchen has been blocked off a good portion of the day, and there seem to be three people hard at work in there.  They’ve also got the camera in there, so at least I’ll have some photographic evidence later.  I’ve been puttering around the house, inside and out, laying things out in possible wall hanging groupings and even doing some spray painting in the yard – not an an easy task on a breezy day.

I think maybe that blanket is coming down sometime soon, but while I (patiently) wait, I’ve been browsing around in the old photo and video archives, tidying up a bit.  And then I remembered the video E and M made for my thirtieth birthday a good while back.  She’s just a teeny tiny little thing – I can’t believe she’s going to be ten this summer.  I can’t believe I’m so much older too.  Time marches on, doesn’t it?

Enjoy the flashback, blurry pictures, unfortunate hairstyles and all.