Daily Archives: April 15, 2013

on the road again

We’ve had two long weekends away from home in the past two weeks, which is fun, but also makes the work weeks in between a little nutty.  Last week in particular.  I’m not sure we slept.  One of the little things on my list was making cookies for a baby shower I wasn’t attending.  They wanted baby faces, and so I made these little girl faces and some little pink and white animal crackers.  I think the faces perfectly sum up the driving experience in our family.  Sometimes the backseat is happy, a lot of time the backseat is sleeping, head cranked over and mouth open – exhausted from the weekend – and sometimes the backseat is just plain mad and cranky and yelling.


Time to get back into the work week.  My emotional state at the start of this Monday isn’t too far off those three cookies either.  I’m about to go upstairs and drag some reluctant sleepers out of bed. Here’s to a productive week and some early bedtimes.

And a lot of catch up laundry.