Daily Archives: April 21, 2013

scenes from last weekend

My sister and I are four years and a few days apart.  (Which means she’s still young.)  We split the difference this year between our birthdays and celebrated with some quintessential Kentucky horse country activities.  I often find out later that I’m haphazard in my camera use – maybe it would have been nice to actually get a picture of the birthday girls together – instead I have about three dozen photos of random horses.  Oh well.  The girls got to spend some valuable time with their cousins and grandparents, and great grandfather, and we even drove them by the place where M and I got married thirteen years ago this fall.
There might have been a little betting going on, a little winning, and a little more losing…

Lots of reading in laps, too – always that.

saturday morning in the garden

Yesterday morning started off a bit frosty, but we got up early anyway, bundled up and headed over to the garden.  The little one wasn’t quite awake.

The skies were so blue and everything was blooming.  The garden opens two hours before the general admission starts on Wednesdays and Saturdays and in my opinion, those are the best times to go.  On Wednesdays you are walking around amongst the gardeners, and on Saturday you’re walking around the tripods – all the camera clubs are out in full force.

This flower reminded me of our newly painted bathroom…

…and these salmon colored tulips are always my favorite.

We always walk over to say good morning to Henry Shaw…

…and the girls seek out the occasional “oops” – like this yellow tulip in a field of purple and white.

If you are anywhere close to this place, this week and the next are ones to visit if tulips make your heart skip a beat or two.  Wake up early on a Saturday morning, show up at seven with a cup of coffee and some good walking shoes and your whole weekend outlook will improve.