Daily Archives: April 22, 2013

admiring: adding to the collection

You may notice that my efforts to trim down the collection of stuff in our house this spring is being thwarted somewhat by my growing collection of cake plates.  This one is from my sister, and I love, love, love it.  The only problem with a pretty top on a cake plate is that it’s hard to cover up with a cake.  Or maybe it’s just offering up a challenge to the cake.  “Out do this.”  E noted as well that it would be a shame to put a cake on top – unless you ate the cake quickly.  We generally do, so maybe that’s the plan.

I used it Saturday night for cheese and apricot spread – which I placed on the white part and it looked really pretty.  Now it’s sitting in the center of the table, empty, making me smile. 

The domed cake stand in this collection is gorgeous as well, but wow… not inexpensive.  

Besides – a cake stand should really show off the cake – this thing stands alone as an object of beauty.  You could stuff it with twinkies and it wouldn’t matter.