Daily Archives: April 23, 2013

circus circles

Another gift I received for my birthday from my parents has an interesting back story.

The photographer my family used for portraits when I was growing up, Steve Hockensmith,  eventually moved away from portraiture and into more equine photography.  Besides producing the official Winners Print for the Kentucky Derby each year, he’s a published author of two books that include his poetry, essays and horse photography.

He photographed our wedding in 2000, and was excited to show us his brand new camera at the time, which was… get this… digital.  I know.

Fast forward to this spring and my parents sent me a link to the One Book One Bluegrass program – it’s a region-wide book reading with events sponsored through the area libraries.  This year’s book is The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, and one of the events was going to feature Steve’s photography from our very own Circus Flora.  My parents went to the art opening at their local library and absolutely loved it.  Steve’s photos were printed out on tent vinyl – large scaled pieces of our beautiful, dark and moody circus.

They caught up with Steve that night, and told him about our love for Circus Flora – we go every year and have several of the prints hanging in E’s room.  The connections here sort of make my head spin.  Steve was so enamored with the circus he’s coming back again this year.  I’m not surprised – the lighting, the play-like setting, the horses, the music.  It’s all so completely wonderful.  It’s one of the highlights of the summer.

So I was beyond thrilled to open this signed print by Steve.

I cannot wait to get it in a frame and on the wall.  For someone who didn’t really want to turn another year older, it’s been an amazing birthday.  Full of cake and cake stands, garden memberships and this gorgeous print… all of it.