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Guess what?  We’re starting on a new room in the house!  The dining room was getting a little jealous of how good the living room is looking so we’re going to show it some long overdue love.  I need to get my thoughts together on it – probably in the form of a mood board.  But for the moment we know one thing we’d like to do the room.  Brighten it up!

Long skinny close-together houses like ours always suffer from little light in the middle of the lowest floor.  That would be our dining room.  If you look out our dining room window you can see right into our neighbors window well – the small indentation of their house that has windows on three sides – a neat little trick to get light into multiple rooms from one location.  So we need some privacy screening at the window, but the blinds that we currently have are always closed and so this room has zero natural light.  

A few weeks ago we saw some cool window film on Fab – we were too slow to act on it and score it on sale, but we’re still going to go this route in the dining room, and possibly a few other rooms.  The half bath would be nice as well – that room also looks great with a lot of natural light and no one closes and then reopens the blinds every time they use it.

The other room we might do this in is the master bathroom.  We actually have zero privacy control at that window, and it aligns with the dining room window below, which means it also stares right into the neighbor’s house – but the tub / shower is a freestanding claw foot tub so it has shower curtains and liners on both side.  We rarely pull back the rear curtain.  So film on the window isn’t entirely necessary in here – still, I’d like the option to pull the curtains back and get a little more light in the room when we’re not showering – especially if we decide to go deep indigo on the wainscoting in the future.

I’m really leaning towards that top pattern, Otto, by Emma Jeffs – available through 2Jane.  I also like Pearl below.

And a few others by Purl Frost Window Film:
AOPC 13:

AOPC 17:

Those last three aren’t quite as cool as the top two, but I do like the fact that you order what you need from Purl Frost vs. buying a set sheet size from Emma Jeffs.  Time to take some measurements and make a decision.  Let there be light!