Daily Archives: April 30, 2013

admiring: proportion

I love a good cake (probably more than I should) but I rarely eat all the icing that comes with a slice.  I love the way it looks – but I’m much more interested in the cake itself and not all the sugary sweetness on top.  I think that’s why I love a cake with lots of thin layers – the best combination of cake and a thin coating of icing or ganache in every bite.  So you might understand why I flipped out when I saw these cakes on The Cake Blog.  Not only are the gorgeous, but they look so delicious to eat.  

Putting all that aside, the craft behind these cakes is what really blew my mind.  There’s a video of the process and it is completely worth your time to watch it.  It’s cake construction that involves an x-acto knife, a pastry bag and an offset spatula – it doesn’t get much better.  And some pretty amazing cake stands.  I might just be slightly obsessed.