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this time last year(s)

Every year spring seems to feel like such a fresh, new beginning to me – a time to try new things, and shrug off a bit of the winter procrastination.  Funny how it feels so very never-been-done-before new, but looking back through the archives shows that some patterns (particularly spring patterns) repeat themselves each year.

2008 Link:  We were doing some seasonal maintenance on the deck  – which is funny because we have that on the to-do list for the next week or two as well.

2009 Link:  Curious – a year later we were doing some more floor refinishing / patching work, this time on the inside.

2010 Link:  This week three years ago had a flurry of swinging photos – looks sort of like M’s instagram pics of late.  Swinging never gets old (or outgrown).  Also, babies in floppy sun hats, my goodness.

2011 Link:  What??  Two years ago I talked about my growing collection of flour, and for the past three weeks I’ve been trying to get it under control / use it.  I guess spring cleaning = flour cleaning to me.

2012 Link:  Seems about right:  May means Science Fair and Party Planning.  You’ll likely see some photos related to both of these on the blog over the next week or two.

Enjoy the links and flashbacks.  That was kind of fun – I might just do it again.

numbers to remember

When it’s quiet in the car, and it’s just the two of us, F quizzes me on math problems.  I’m not sure how this started, but she loves numbers, and she calls out addition problems, one right after the other.  

“What’s two and three?”  “Five.”

“What’s five and three?”  “Eight.”

“What’s eight and thirty-three?”  “Forty-one.”

On and on and on.  It doesn’t bother me because – first, it’s not whining, and second, every once in awhile she’ll discover something interesting in a number or the patterns.  One day she kept asking me what various numbers plus one make, and after several of those questions she suddenly declared that she saw the pattern – when she added one to any number she got the next number in line.  Then she took over adding one to everything.  Seeing those kind of connections happening makes all the math drills sort of worth it.

And I like the occasional non-number like “What’s two and sixty-four-eighty-one-hundred?”

The other day she asked me a few problems in a row (and some duplicate problems) and they all added up to four.  Then she declared “Ha!  There are so many ways to get to four!  Just like me!”  And she’s right – she’s all about getting to four.  There’s non stop talk of summer around these parts and they all center on that magical birthday four in July.
Speaking of summer birthdays – over the course of a few weeks this summer we’ll have one “four”, one “ten” and one “forty”.  4×10=40.  How’s that for some birthday math for you?


I love the words she uses when she talks – particularly when she’s trying to explain something with a lot of emotion behind it.  She’s a sponge for vocabulary and phrases that we use around the house, even if she doesn’t always pronounce them correctly.

When she’s struggling with something on her own, she’ll let out a tremendous sigh (or yell) and declare to the world just how frusser-rated she is!  Some things she tries out are just re-dick-a-luss – that one always sends us into giggles (which frusser-rates her to no end).  She’s often con-sten-trating on something, so don’t bother her, and I hope it’s a long, long time before she stops pronouncing lemonade, lemo-lade.

Yesterday I had some pants out to go with the octopus shirt she wanted to wear, but she nixed those and said she wanted to wear capri pants.  I pulled out some white ones from the drawer and brought them over to where she was getting dressed.  My mud-loving, marker-loving, stain-loving little one took one look at those pants and declared in her wry, sarcastic way “Now that’s a disaster waiting to happen.”