Daily Archives: May 6, 2013

almost a new coffee table

So… I almost bought a vintage coffee table yesterday.  It had a marble top and these brushed gold legs.  It was 21″ wide and just over four feet long, so it was a great, skinny fit for the living room set up.  In looking around for coffee tables I’ve been hard pressed to find anything made out of decent materials for anywhere remotely close to this price.

I was killing some time while E was at a birthday party, and enjoying the hour and a half I had to myself with no real agenda or plan.  There have been precious few moments like that lately.  I started sending photos and descriptions back and forth with M, and he liked it as well.  This was the table I always thought I wanted in there.
But the more we thought about it, the more we really liked the hexagonal tables from West Elm (the ones I wrote about here).  In the end they will cost more, but the flexibility options are just so appealing.  I want the living room to be a beautiful room – but I want us to live in there and use it as well.  And having furniture that is appropriately scaled to the room – and easy to reconfigure based on use – will be well worth it.

So we passed on the table.  Still, it’s a heck of a deal, so if you are looking for a marble topped coffee table here’s your chance:  TFA’s got it (at least for now).  The marble is in great shape, the legs are cool, there’s a tiny hairline crack in the wood frame below so a bracket’s been added – but it’s invisible to anyone looking at the table.  This thing is super sturdy, and really nicely scaled.  Get on their mailing list and they are offering an additional 15% off until the 18th.