E’s currently taking an aerial arts class at Bumbershoots and she wears leotards over leggings that allow her to propel her body upwards on large silks that hang from a ceiling way, way above her.  The other night she was changing out of her clothes and into pajamas and F snagged them and put them on before she even turned around.  There was a lot of giggling upstairs.

Fast forward to the next night and the show that the two had practiced was ready to start.  Backstage was that blanket and pillow fort in the hallway, and when the music began, F emerged from the shadows and danced* her little heart out. 

*If dancing = striking poses, Vogue-style, and always with her tongue sticking out.

3 Responses to superstar

  1. So sweet! these are the best memories… 🙂

    I have to say, your paint color caught my eye… any chance you could share who it’s by and what shade it is? We’d have about six shades of gray swatches in our living room right now and I’m desperate to find the right one, lol…

    • We have two grays in our house that I love. F’s room is a little warmer gray. We used Sherwin Williams Duration paint, matte finish, but we color matched a Valspar color, “Bleached Driftwood”. If you are looking for a cooler gray, our living room is Sherwin Williams “On The Rocks”. I agree, grays are tricky. They go dark easily, and greenish and taupe-ish and purple-ish really quickly.

      If you look at any of the bookshelf or living room posts on this blog you’ll see the other gray. Good luck!

  2. Strike a pose–there’s nothing to it! She makes vogueing look awesome.

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