Daily Archives: May 12, 2013

saturday morning in the garden

This morning F and I met up with two friends (one big, one little) for breakfast and a stroll around the garden.  It was a Saturday morning with sun!  And warmth!  And a gentle breeze!  And no rain!  So we were just a little giddy about being outside among the flowers.

The last of the tulips…

…and the high point of the azaleas.  

And of course, the iris.  F found a leaf along the way and used it to point out every single flower I should be studying and photographing.  I love this photo because it perfectly captures her way:  the confident leader, a little bossy with the pointing and demanding, and looking over her shoulder occasionally to make sure we are all doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing.

She’s also a bit of a running-ahead-blur these days, and climbing on everything.  If I had a nickel for every time I asked her to please, not climb, could you stop climbing, get down from there now, I’d be a wealthy, wealthy lady and I’d spend it all on beautiful chairs and a personal gardener.

One place she did not climb was here (thank goodness), but you could see the wheels turning while she watched.

And – my favorite pincushion gardens were going in!  They embody the perfect amount of obsessiveness that I admire in my foliage displays.

It was a lovely day to be here – let’s hope this is the start to many, many more perfect Saturdays.

delayed diy

I’m going to call 2013 the year of the purge.  It’s going on hot and heavy around here.  Which makes this little post all the more odd.  I’ve been holding onto seven of these little bottles since last (2012) February.  See here.  I’m not sure why, just because I thought I might do something with them at some point.  So I did.  I taped them off and spray painted them white.  Now I bring them out when the big arrangement is dwindling, but a few of the little guys are hanging on.