#afternoonrun: a question

Speaking of running:  I need new running shoes. 

If any of you have a favorite (or a non-favorite) I’d love to hear.  I’m rather new to running, but my shoes are not new by any stretch of the imagination.  Plus, they are more of a cross-trainer, and not really suited to running.  This weekend, finding new shoes is on my agenda – hoping to maybe find a good Memorial Day sale.  Store suggestions welcome too.

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  1. Definitely go to a running-specific store, as running shoe fitting is very personal. I like Big River Running in Ballwin on Manchester, but I’m sure there are lots of options closer in to the city too. Just make sure it’s a real running store, not just a random salesperson in Sports Authority!

    • Big River has a store a block away from Russell’s on Macklind in South City – so that sounds like a good pairing, since that’s my new favorite bakery.

      Bakeries and Running go hand in hand – or in my case, they should…

  2. I second the above suggestion from Kate… Fleet Feet is another store suggestion (although I think they are also out in the county?).

  3. I second the suggestion to go to a running store. I personally run with zero drop shoes(Merrell). Every time I put on another shoes my knees start to hurt.

  4. Agreed. Everyone has a different gait and foot. From me, as Asics nimbus.

  5. Big River south city.

  6. Big River. And if your girls ever want to join a running team, the folks at Big River run the St Louis Blazers Youth track team–it’s great fun and laid back!

  7. I posed this same question on FB a few weeks back…and the overwhelming response was Brooks. BUT many, many folks also echoed what your friends have said above…find the running store and let them help you. Here, we have Gary Gribbles…we just went last weekend and they made us run around a little baby track, measured our foot, etc. Sorta fun!

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