Daily Archives: May 30, 2013

and the winner is…

…Brooks, from Big River Running (South City).  Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13 to be exact.

Thanks for all the recommendations.  You said I’d get the best service and fit at a local running store, so I picked the local-ist.  The fact that it was located across the street from a favorite bakery was an added bonus.  The fact that said bakery was closed on Monday (when I went to buy my shoes) was an added disappointment.  In the end it all worked out because I went straight home and managed to get a few miles on them before the three o’clock sky turned completely black.  That was some creepy looking storm system that came through – like two sunsets and two sunrises in one day.

After a lot of foot assessment, walk assessment, run assessment, personality quizzes and a horoscope reading, three shoes were selected for me.  I felt like I was standing in Ollivanders, waiting for the wand to choose me.

This was the one.  Liking the color was just an added bonus.  They look less colorful from above, but they are pretty bright in the back.  I have some wacky looking feet – my big toes turn in slightly and cross my other toes, so I have this really odd, wide shaped top half, but a narrow foot in general, and narrow ankle.  I’m like a triangle foot.  Or an inverted pear foot.  I actually need surgery at some point on them, but I’ll put that off forever if possible.  This shoe worked well for me – I actually got the wide width (D) and the ankle on this shoe snugs up nicely.    It’s perfect for triangle feet, I guess.  I’ve never worn a shoe that I didn’t have to break in to feel comfortable on my foot, but I ran about 2.5 miles on this shoe right out of the box.  

This week between school and summer camp has been hectic, and there’s a whole lot of juggling going on, so I missed my Wednesday run.  Looking forward to a second run in these shoes on Friday.