Monthly Archives: June 2013

rainbow birthdays

If you’ve been around for at least the past year, you probably know I like a good rainbow party. We have another one this afternoon, and last night I made some rainbow cookies for our family’s favorite one-year-old.  I was just going to do the rainbow colored flowers because they are a simple, bite sized way to add a lot of cookie color to a party.  Over the years I’ve noticed that people enjoy looking at large iced cookies, but a lot of people don’t really eat them (especially grownups).  No one ever has a problem eating little cookies though!

However, it was hard to resist making a few actual rainbows for the party tray, and I love the way the flower clouds look at each end of the bow.  If I make these again I’ll get a smaller ruffle tip – these have a lot of icing.  Since I had the blue sky background, I thought I could get away with just the Roy G.  The Biv would surely have been the tipping point between sweet and sweet-overload.

Since I was baking up a fair amount of flowers, I also started baking the fruits and veggies for F’s party in two weeks.  I’ve thrown those in the freezer, and I’ll finish baking the others up later this weekend.  You can’t ice too far ahead, but you can bake – and these cream cheese sugar cookies are sturdy enough and tender enough to freeze and thaw really well.

Off to deliver the goods, and then to celebrate a sweet little rainbow baby later this afternoon. Hope you are enjoying your Saturday as much as we are.

friday finds

I’m not sure if it can be completely contributed to the new bed in F’s room, but she is seeming so big this week.  Her birthday party invitations went into the mail, and now she’s counting the days down until she’s four (11), and until she celebrates four (15).  She’s good with numbers, this girl.  

So this Friday finds me a little wistful at how fast the time flies, and reading through my letters to her each year certainly adds to that wistfulness.

If you are feeling a little nostalgic, here’s one, two and three.  She’s the baby on both sides of our family, and while all the others enter tween-dom and teen-dom, she’s still firmly entrenched in littleness, no matter how much she puts that hand on one hip and declares otherwise.  

little girl, big bed

We survived the first night – although it took her a long time to key down from the excitement. Today when I got upstairs she had dressed herself and made her bed.  (It’s water play day today, so that’s a skirted swimsuit under her clothes.)  I still need to rehang the artwork that used to center over the crib / toddler bed.  I took the bottom three down so the headboard wouldn’t hit them.  I also cannot find the bed skirt – but it’s got to be in this house somewhere, so this weekend I’ll hunt it down.  (That’s fake sleeping below.)

We put her desk chair by her bed temporarily but I’m on the lookout for a small little landing place for a few things next to her bed.

(That’s real sleeping below.)  She looked so enormous in her last bed, and now she looks so tiny in this one.  But I remember her almost nine year old sister, and how she looked sprawling across this bed last summer.  F asked when she gets E’s red bed and I told her when she goes away to college.  And then I got this huge lump in my throat.

She’s still my baby.