Daily Archives: August 22, 2013

vacation project

Sometimes when I know I’m going to spend a lot of time riding in a car I bring a project along. Usually it’s Thanksgiving time and I’m addressing envelopes for holiday cards, but for our summer vacation I had plans to make a lap full of paper flowers. I got the supplies together and then promptly forgot them – but at least I remembered to bring the gumball machine invitations to drop in the mail (we were waiting on last minute confirmation that our party time wasn’t going to conflict with the season’s new soccer schedule). So when we got back last weekend I decided to start this project. I made about forty of the flowers, and my original idea was to string them together and hang them as a loose garland over F’s bed. But then I worried about how top heavy they were, and thought they might all hang downward instead of outward. So the next night I decided to just start attaching them to the wall in a free form manner.

Hmmm, okay, but still not exactly what I was going for.

I’ve changed them up to make a simple wreath, and I’m thinking I like the simplicity – and the symmetry – of this.

Yesterday I laughed when I saw this “4” with paper flowers on Oh Happy Day – because I’m quite sure, if given the choice, F would choose to have a giant four over her bed, or a giant “F”. 

But I’m going to let the wreath sit for a few days before I attempt to string them together like I planned to originally. The circle might be growing on me.