Daily Archives: August 27, 2013

american made: neil estrick gallery, llc

It might not be too hard to imagine that I’m a very big fan of Martha Stewart. I purchased every issue of her Weddings magazine before my own wedding, and I still sit down to a stack of her magazines every time I visit my parents. I use her as a constant go-to for recipes as well, and I’m always inspired by her holiday projects.

So you can also imagine my delight when I saw this image in my inbox this morning. Neil Estrick (and his wife Sara) are friends of ours – and Neil’s work and his gallery space have a chance to be recognized by Martha herself. So naturally he must win, and that’s where you might be able to help out. Voting is open until September 13th, and if Neil is lucky enough this first round, then he’ll move onto the next round and I’ll remind you to vote some more. You can vote six times a day, so please do – as often as you can remember. (I’ve included a handy link in the sidebar.)

There’s a brief bio on the link above, but I also encourage you to go on his website to see more of his work. (And I know there are lots of Chicago readers too, so you might enjoy taking a class with him sometime soon.) He’s had the studio space for nine years, but he’s been creating for much, much longer. In fact, we happen to be the lucky owners of a teapot like the one above – a wedding gift from thirteen years ago. So there’s my own brush with celebrity, right? I’ll never look at it the same way again!