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When I cook, the little one always insists on helping. She’s just at the right height for standing on a chair and reaching the countertop, but she tends to lean into the countertop, pushing the chair out from under herself. It can get a bit harrowing. I usually set her up at the kitchen table instead, but then my back is to her a lot, which can also get a bit harrowing. I may have mentioned she’s a bit of a go-getter before, taking things into her own hands, even small appliances and sharp utensils.

She frequently cooks at school, and is pretty familiar around the kitchen, even for a four-year-old. When I saw this image I realized what the perfect solution would be. This lovely pull out countertop at a right angle to the main work station! Can you imagine it at just the right height for a standing child? Perfect. I love the way the legs fold up into slots on the underside (not shown, but I studied it closely enough to determine it so – either that or magic). I’ve seen lots and lots of pull out cutting boards, but they can’t cantilever out too far and remain sturdy, and I always think of random bits of onions flying into the gap between cutting board and cabinet. But the legs allow this thing to fully extend – and even if there’s just some lettuce tearing or recipe reading going on – there’s a nice adjacency to the idea, while still being separate enough for the cook (me) to not lose her mind.

I have so many little ideas percolating in my head for a future kitchen project. Alas, the girls will be so tall by then that this won’t be necessary, but I thought I’d share it anyway.

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  1. I love this idea–and as my kitchen is both room and lacking in counter space, it could be a very nice solution.

    And maybe Zuzu will be just the right height for it by the time we would get around to such a project… I have a few years.

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