Daily Archives: October 7, 2013

scenes from a weekend

We spent the past weekend with family, and we started the day early at the Kentucky Horse Park, watching my nephew ride his favorite horse, Lightning…

…and watching my niece hug her favorite person.

Then we headed over to Windy Corner, one of our favorite restaurants, for breakfast number two.

I was the only one to break the breakfast ranks and ordered the Kentucky Po-Boy. My sister says this photo doesn’t do it justice because I took it after half my table mates stole fried pickles off the top, so just imagine half a dozen more on there and try not to be jealous.

We made yet another feeble attempt to get four children and a great-grandfather to look at the same camera at the same time. We were actually mildly successful at this once, it just wasn’t my camera.

We found some caterpillars, we petted some friendly horses in the parking lot, and then we tried to beat the rain clock at a local orchard. It was crazy muggy and crazy hot, so we skipped the apple and pumpkin patches and got ice cream instead and  watched the kids run (and drive) around the playground.

Driving with no hands is all the rage. I noticed she kept the hands down on the three story slide, though.

And then the rains came… lots and lots of rain. We drove through the front on the way back home, and then the sun came out just in time to set, and we stopped for a quick break and shivered at the temperature drop. The fields lit up this gorgeous golden color, and the moon was the tiniest sliver of a crescent just above our favorite city, and we were home again.