friday finds: project clean slate

I’ve been largely absent here, I know. Overwhelmed is understating it. But it’s Friday, the weekend is here, and the slate is blank – not entirely blank, mind you, but just ours to plan and fill as we choose. No travel, no travelers – as fun as both of those are. Just us.

I have to get the cobwebs out – literally and figuratively – this weekend. I took a few moments in the car to breathe deeply and really think about what I could do, tonight, to ease the undercurrent of anxiety and tension that I’m feeling. The oh-so-sexy answer of clean the house came to mind, and as I thought about it some more, I realized just how much I need that.

I’m planning to maximize the bout of energy I seem to have at the moment, and start moving through the house, from the third story down.

It sounds mundane, but mundane is valuable – almost necessary – at times. I also plan to refocus myself in each room – to reconnect with the purpose of each place and be grateful for the people that occupy them, making them messy and real along the way.

There are things I need to work on, things that will stretch me and make me feel better, and I can’t start them until I make the space – inside and out.

I hope this Friday finds you well. Thank you to the many of you that I’ve reached out to this week for all the kindness you’ve returned to our family tenfold. 

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