book fair

It’s Book Fair time again. 

Every year I help out with the book fair at Left Bank Books (CWE location). We get to hang out there for the weekend, and 20% of all purchases made go directly to E’s school. There are also classroom and library wishlists too for customers to purchase and donate directly to the school if they wish. You can pick up information on the school and talk with parents if you’d like. We also offer free gift wrapping on all your purchases.

There will be free homemade treats and drinks to enjoy, and a raffle for neighborhood prizes like movie tickets and restaurant gift certificates. There’s a fun (and challenging) scavenger hunt for kids as well.

The book fair is Saturday, November 23rd from 10am-10pm and Sunday, November 24th from 11am-6pm. I’ll be there Saturday from noon to two-ish and Sunday from 1-3, so if you’re local and want to stop by and say “Hi” that would be great.

If you are a super organized go-getter and already have your holiday list together, or if you are concerned that a particular title might not be in stock over the weekend, you can pre-order a book now so that’s it’s on its merry little way.
To Pre-Order Books for the Book Fair at Left Bank Books:
1. Go to Left Bank Books’ website:
2. Shop for books.
3. If you would like to purchase a book from the school’s wish list to donate, click on the “SCHOOLS” tab and find The Soulard School’s book fair button; click on that button to see the classroom wish lists and shop those titles. (Those will be up later this week and through the weekend.)
4. When you are finished shopping, proceed to checkout.
5. During checkout, be sure to enter the coupon code “Soulard” so that the school receives 20% of your purchase from the bookstore to put in their general library fund for new books! (Edited to add – if the coupon code says it’s reached its maximum limit, just type that your purchase is for The Soulard School Book Fair in the Comments section.)
Books that arrive in time for the book fair can be picked up during the book fair weekend at the CWE store. If orders don’t arrive in time for the book fair, you can pick up them up when they do arrive at the store.

That code will be up into December, so even if you can’t make it by this weekend, you can still shop at your favorite local independent bookstore and support a local independent school as well. Just follow the same instructions above.

Or… just come shop for books the way I prefer to: with a cup of coffee in one hand and a long stretch of uninterrupted time to browse the shelves.