Daily Archives: December 8, 2013

almost 2,000 and a giveaway (of sorts)

I noticed the other day that I’m reaching my 2,000th post – although at the rate I’m writing lately, that may still take awhile. I had a little giveaway for 1000 and 1500, but hadn’t really planned anything for 2000.
This morning I saw in my inbox an email from Blue Apron. We’ve ordered this week’s box for several reasons. First, we’re all home, all week long. Second, the recipes look good – and no nuts. (A lot of times the vegetarian recipes are really nut heavy, and so we try our best to avoid those at home because of E’s tree nut allergy.) And third, our cupboard is bare. Really bare. We did some meal planning for the week until Tuesday, and then Wednesday our box arrives to round out the rest of the week. Our order must have triggered another round of free friend gifts, because I have three free boxes to give away to friends.
Last time I got this offer, I passed it along to three local friends that I knew liked to cook (and eat). This time I thought I’d offer them up to three blog readers. 
First, you’ll have to check out their delivery map to see if they offer the service in your area. Here’s a link to the map.
If they do, drop me an email at thirdstoryies at gmail dot com. Leave me your first and last name and your email address and I’ll enter them in and Blue Apron will send you all the information you need to order your box. The complimentary box has three meals for two people and is worth $60. You can select the week you want, your delivery day and location, and the type of meals you want – vegetarian or meat. I’ll also send you a personal email to let you know, and I’ll include the same tips / advice that I gave my friends before ordering.
Since it’s Saturday night, I’ll give you til 8pm Monday 12/9 to email me, and then I’ll assign numbers to the emails and draw three. That’s how high tech we get around here. This isn’t one of those blogs with ads or sponsors or swag (this has nothing to do with this blog) – I’ve just got three free meal boxes burning a hole in my pocket, and maybe taking menu planning off your list sometime this month might be a good thing. I know it is for me.
I want to tell each and every one of you how much your emails and notes have meant to me lately. I want to tell you how much your donations have meant to us. I want to tell you how your books and your poems and your bracelets and your cards and your dinners and your phone calls and your texts and your prayers and your comments and your tears and your hugs and your shoulders have meant. I want to tell you how much I appreciate this place where I can write and I can cry and I can reread what I write and cry some more. I’d like to invite you over for dinner and sit and talk for awhile, but most of you live very far away, and my house is really kind of a mess anyway. But I can do this – send you dinner in a box – and offer my sincere thanks for your friendship.