Daily Archives: December 10, 2013

when the dog barks, when the bee stings

Did you watch “The Sound of Music” last Thursday night? I did, with the girls. They were surprised I knew all the words to every song. E asked me “what if you remember all of your favorite things, and you still are sad?” Good question. I’m not sure yet.
Tonight I ran some errands and now I’m doing some work on the computer – wrapping up loose ends for the upcoming holidays. When I said that things would be different, I meant it. The house doesn’t smell like gingerbread, although it does smell a little like dinner, which was warm and delicious and filling. It’s quiet – no ice cream makers whirring or holiday tunes playing. We have trees – the two small ones in the girls’ rooms, and the real one in the living room – but they are quiet as well – undecorated, except for little white lights. I kind of like them that way. They feel calm and tranquil, unhurried and unpressured. I have made a little progress on my holiday cards, but not a lot. I’m still not sure if I will finish them, but I tell myself each evening that it’s okay, and I think I’m listening. I’m listening for a lot of things. 
My go-to gift wrapping is a line to a song that once sung, continues to ring through my head on a continuous loop. I’ll share it with you now so that you can join in on the fun.
…brown paper packages, tied up with string. These are a few of my fav-o-rite things.
I wrapped up an early gift this way, and it looked simple and sweet, but also a little boring. My goodness, I’m hard to please these days. I shun any extra holiday shine, and then lament the fact that everything around me feels dull and gray. I’m a complete and utter mess. 
I saw a nifty gift tag idea on Design*Sponge, and it seemed like maybe I might put forth a bit more effort than just the same tired twine. Our packages travel, and end up getting packed tightly into small spaces. Flat and simple is good. This idea seemed like a sweet one, and flat enough – no amount of squishing was going to affect the final look. 

The problem was, I couldn’t find any evergreen looking pipe cleaners. I tried the usual suspects like Michael’s and Hobby Lobby, but if there are worse places to visit (especially at this time of the year), I can’t imagine. And then, wonder of wonders – I ran into The Container Store to return something that M had purchased, and right in front of my eyes were these wired garland ties. I think they are supposed to be evergreen looking twist ties to affix all your holiday stuff, but they were perfect for this project. I picked up the ribbon there, as well as some candy cane striped tissue paper and a few simple oversized bags for some odd shaped gifts. Container Store for the win – always. Clean, organized, helpful and spot on. So if your brown paper packages are looking a little stale this year, here’s an easy way to spiff them up. They certainly brightened up my afternoon outlook a tad, as well as a corner of my living room.