Daily Archives: January 3, 2014

holiday outtakes

I try very hard to capture a lot of the things we do with the camera – always looking for those few shots that sum up how we were feeling at a particular moment, images to look back on years from now to remember. And then when I take the time to look back through the shots, I’m amazed just how many of them are really, really bad – closed eyes, unflattering angles, bad lighting. I caught a few really good moments over the holidays, and I’ll post those soon. But I also caught some really funny ones too – ones that made me laugh out loud because they look like we really look. Sometimes it’s hard to convey the personalities of all these people, smooshed together into a space, hopped up on festivities and excitement and chocolate. I thought I’d take you on a little tour of the goofiness this morning.

Excitement (and volume) was at a fever pitch between the quiet Christmas Eve service we all attended (where the children were most decidedly not quiet) and our Christmas Eve dinner. We told E to grab a book and start reading, just to settle things down for a few minutes. She grabbed some enormous book and started reading in this monotone voice while the little ones moved onto a gear building project. My idea of the children gathered around E’s feet, listening intently to her reading of a Christmas story did not materialize. Instead, I got this knowing look from my niece. She was not impressed with my tactics.

Every year we try to get a photo of the kiddos in their Christmas pj’s, right before they tear into the room with the tree. I don’t think we’ve ever gotten a photo of all four looking (normally) at the camera – despite the fact that we have three cameras aimed at them for five minutes straight and we’re threatening the very existence of their Christmas experience on their cooperation. My nephew looks like a (cute) Muppet in this one.

This photo was from our New Year’s weekend with M’s family. I took fifty shots of the girls bouncing off some snow day steam at a trampoline place, and the only one that wasn’t a giant blur was of this kid with her tongue stuck out, trying to pull her self out of the foam cubes.

Later that day I did manage to capture the giant sigh of relief when E became the last kid on the planet to own a rainbow loom. And she had to wait until New Years to open it!

I love this shot of my sister attempting to dislodge the pieces and parts of a construction dress up kit, while the little one 

a. Shouts “Shazam!”
b. Curses the existence of plastic toy ties or
c. Declares herself the winner of Christmas. “I’m #1!” (see next photo)

Okay, she did become the Christmas winner when she found her most requested gift dream fulfilled. Windshield wiper glasses for the win.

There is always a side eye look from the older one to the younger one. Always.

And my final favorite – my sister’s attempt to get the old family together for a portrait. She arranged Mom, Dad and me on the hearth, and then stood off to the side and declared us ready. She’s been secretly bitter about the arrangement of that family portrait above the mantel for over 20 years now – she thinks the three of us make this great family pose, and she’s left hanging onto the porch rail, an afterthought.
We all think she’s being a little melodramatic, but it did make for a fun reenactment, and lots of giggles. My mom and I both have trouble smiling and keeping our eyes open at the same time (the curse of the photo blinker, ugh, I have it). 

Here’s to a new year full of photos and goofy times, blinks and blurs included.