Daily Archives: January 6, 2014

resolution recap

I thought I’d briefly revisit my 2013 Resolutions, just for a final check-in on how I did. Hmmm, not that impressive. I’ve got a new take on my 2014 goals that I’ll share shortly – sort of a combination between my 52 Projects series of 2012 and more typical new years resolutions.
1.  Stop biting my nails.
Sometimes the thumbs get me.
2.  Floss better.  
Why is this so hard for me? 90% laziness, 10% dislike of shoving fingers into my mouth.
3.  Fold clothes immediately upon removal from the dryer.
I give up. When I’m caught up, I do this. When the laundry goes on for miles and miles of piles (post travel, usually) then I’m like a machine with the cycles, but lose momentum on the folding. The worst is stumbling off to bed (too late) and discovering the ginormous pile of waiting-to-be-folded clothes blocking my way.
4.  Put some curtains up in F’s room and get rid of the foam core at the windows.
I cannot believe I haven’t done this. But just you wait, I have a plan.
5.  Finish the bookshelves.
And I love them more every day.
6.  Practice patience (in parenting).
This one bothers me. The little one can really try one’s patience, particularly when in a hurry. I think I need to work on not being in a hurry so much, but that’s a tough one.
7.  Run three times a week, minimum.  
A- / D-
Great…until late November. I refuse to run in ice and snow and temperatures below freezing. I’m okay with a bit of hibernation. It will make the return to it that much sweeter – hopefully in a few weeks.
8.  Organize the house files.
I’d give myself an A, but they just keep coming back. The whole back room / home office needs another kickstart, but there have been other priorities the second half of the year. We were lucky to get our bills paid on time.
9.  Go on more dates with M.  
Another priority for this year. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.
10.  Clean up more during the week to free up the weekends.
I’m not sure how to rank this one, really. We were gone so many weekends towards the end of the year. Cleaning hasn’t been at the top of our list, but we aren’t living in filth. I’d still like to get the house to a certain level of cleanliness order, and then institute a plan to maintain things.
Overall, none of this is too thrilling. I feel like resolutions are one part wishful thinking… and perhaps this year ended up being full of wishes too big to conquer on our own.