Daily Archives: January 17, 2014

around town: pint size bakery

I love a good bakery, and Pint Size Bakery is such a good bakery. I don’t head over there very often because it’s so tiny – the offerings are all presented in a way that makes me concerned about cross contamination of tree nuts for E. Because of that, it’s become this rare treat for me, or occasionally for me and the little one like last weekend when E and her dad were out of town. Rare is good for many reasons, the primary reason being my loss of all self control when it comes to purchasing. I love their savory scones, but come on! There’s this little pistachio tea cake with chunks of mango in it and a spread of some kind of spiced jam icing on top. And then F loves to get a box of tea cookies, but getting her to choose four out of their offerings takes forever. Decisions are tough in that place.

Then they get you at the cash register with their cut and iced cookies – like these little mittens. I bought some just because they were so perfect – and I squirreled them away for the grownups in the house later. If you need a small little gift for someone, a pair of cut cookies from Pint Size would be perfect – they are usually wrapped in pairs, and always gorgeous (and delicious).

I think I do miss decorating cookies – I haven’t done any in awhile, and I didn’t do any over the holidays. I’m excited to make some for a baby shower next month, and I’m hoping to get back into it a little more this year.  Since I skipped over the winter holidays, I might have to bring back some of the spring ones. Maybe if I start now, the season will get here even faster. That’s what I told myself when I quickly hid the evidence of any sort of iced snow gear… it’s time to move on, right?

** That’s a new cake stand that got added to my collection this Christmas – I love it. Everything looks prettier sitting on marble.